Hydraulic Cylinder / Jack

Brand: Macgregor, TTS

Type: OEM / Replacement


The functions of the cleats are to serve as prevention to unintentional lift off of the hatch
cover panels during voyage, and to also ensure weathertightness of the hatch covers. This will
protect the cargo in the Holds from ingression of water.

Basic requirement of the cleat – Must be flexible able to absorb the torsion/movement of the hatch
coaming. And it has to be adjustable to compensate for the wear of bearing pads and hardening of the seals.


Typical types of cleats are as following:

■ Manual QAC (Quick Acting Cleat)

■ Automated “rack-back”

■ Hydraulic cleats

■ Hold-down devices (anti-lifting)

■ Dog bolts


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